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New Horizon Leadership & Professional Development Program Receives 'Excellent' Rating From The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI)

Jan 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by New Horizons Computer Learning Center

 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is pleased to announce that following a rigorous assessment by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), the entire Leadership and Professional Development program from the world’s largest IT training company, New Horizons, has been endorsed for the highest standards of excellence, commercial relevance and positive learner experience.

Offered via training centers in 50 countries, the Leadership and Professional Development suite is a comprehensive program of classroom, live online, e-learning, and supporting assets designed to empower students to exceed beyond their specific business goals, building success through the growth of personal strengths.

Initially consisting of 26 courses created by expert instructional and curriculum designers, the suite offers students three distinct paths: Professional Development, Communication & Interpersonal Competencies, and Leadership & Management – and within each path are four “areas of responsibility” to help students plot the best possible learning route.


Each of the 26 courses has now been independently audited against an extensive framework and the entire suite awarded "Endorsed Learning Program status with an Excellent rating” by the Learning & Performance Institute.

Overseeing the endorsement process, LPI consulting partner, Ettie McCormack, said: "This suite of courses from New Horizons has undergone an exhaustive quality assurance check, reinforced by our professional code of practice. Not only have we proved the real-world effectiveness of the learning materials and the expertise of those delivering it, but we have also seen first-hand how this training could have a positive impact on performance outcomes. The end-result is an absolute guarantee of quality from an independent, established and globally-recognized accreditation body. Potential customers should have no hesitation in booking this course for their students."

Commenting on the endorsement, LPI CEO, Edmund Monk, said: "With thousands of training vendors offering tens of thousands of courses, simply choosing a suitable one is difficult enough, let alone being assured that it will deliver to expectations. Although peer reviews can help, the only reliable way to determine that a learning program meets the highest quality standards is by an audit from an independent industry body. By completing the LPI's Learning Program Endorsement, New Horizons has demonstrated, beyond all doubt, that its Leadership and Professional Development suite of courses ticks every box and delivers a commercially relevant and superb learner experience on all levels."

Kevin Rock, Senior Director Products and Programs, New Horizons, said: "New Horizons has received the highest possible endorsement ranking from the Learning & Performance Institute, placing our Center for Leadership and Professional Development program in the top 5% of the industry for training quality and customer satisfaction. This globally-recognized, independent recognition affirms our position as a world-leading supplier of training."

More information on the Center for Leadership and Professional Development by New Horizons can be found here: Center for Leadership and Development

About Learning & Performance Institute 
Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) is an independent, well-established and globally recognized accreditation body. Whether you are a provider or a purchaser, it's critical that any training courses you deploy are of the highest standard. Learning Programme Endorsement (LPE) provides an independent validation of quality and efficacy, backed by the LPI's globally-recognised accreditation service. Once endorsed, you can display the appropriate LPI logo and endorsement statement on your publicity materials. More information on Learning Program Endorsement (LPE) can be found at

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